My works were present at  the following venues:

  • My picture 'Array' won the first price in the contest of magazine 'Schweizer Strahler' and was exhibited Oct. 29.-30. 2016 at the Mineral Fair Solothurn, CH (thanks a lot to Thomas Schüpbach/Schweizer Strahler for the picture):

  • Here a picture of my special mineral and foto exhibition at Binn,CH, mineral fair July 24th 2016 - click the image for a link to the press review and an interview with me (Swiss German)

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NEWS 2016

The 2016 Strahler Season was great! I made several trips to the mountains of Binntal and Alpe Devero/AlpeVeglia. 

The picture at the top of this page shows the sunrise at Bivaco Combi e Lanza on Alpe Devero, Italy on July 17th 2016.

Below are a few more highlights of the 2016 season. Follow Designbyearth on Facebook for more reports and pictures of the latest trips!


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