High-end print from portfolio

  • The pictures displayed in ‘The Cave’ are available as limited edition gallery-quality prints in sizes up to 150 cm (see file).

  • Each print is numbered and hand signed. 

  • For prints of photos that I produced for you in my photography service I can offer one print per motive at a special rate.

  • Please contact me in case you are interested.


Mineral Photo

  • Multilayer stackshot of your mineral specimen, 0.7 - 33 mm field of view, including image processing

  • I make an assessment of the photo quality that can be expected from each specimen before starting the photo job to make it easier for you to select the pieces finally put on picture

Photo with cabinet tile to display your tiny treasures in your mineral showcase

  • Mineral photo as above

  • 10x10 cm high-end print behind acrylic glass laminated on aluminum composite tile

  • Including post for cabinet display next to your original mineral specimen

  • Here's an example:


  • For prices for photography service and packages with cabinet tiles please check my flyer.
    I offer significant discounts in case you need fotos for a publication - please contact me



For bookings or to order a limited edition print, questions on printing variants or other inquiries, please contact me: 

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