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At the end of August, the new Strahlermuseum in Naters, Valais, CH opened. I'm happy that I got the opportunity to provide a small installation with large prints of minerals from the nearby Binntal region.

In addition, I could also equip 2 of the mineral showcases with small but rare minerals that I found in this area, accompanied by photo-tiles to show these microminerals in their full beauty.

The museum is opend June-October every Saturday 2-6 pm, and on demand on any other day. It is located in an old military fortress deep inside the mountain, together with a suite of other interesting exhibitions! For more information please visit these websites:



The Munich Show is the largest single-venue mineral show in the world, and I was honored that my pictures played a major role in the special exhibitions this year. The main special exhibition had 'Elements' as a topic, a theme also foloowed by the Alpine Minerals exhibition. Numerous large scale prints of my photos, some of them specifically taken for the show, were an essential part of the exhibition concept.

Furthermore, this year the show featured a new area named 'Living Unique'. It showcased various ways to include the topic of minerals in interior design and 3 of my large scale prints were part of it.

Thanks a lot to the organizers of the Munich Show for giving me this opportunity!



Here are some slide decks with impressions from the past Strahler season in Valais and Ossola region. I was very happy about the great times with good friends and few but very nice findings.


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