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Photography Services

I offer the following services to put your minerals on picture

2016-07-24 17.02.37.jpg

Mineral photo

  • Multilayer stackshot picture of your mineral specimen

  • 0.7 - 33.0 mm field of view

  • Includes image processing and file transfer of full resolution JPG

  • I make an assessment of the photo quality that can be expected from each specimen before starting the photo job to make it easier for you to select the pieces finally put on picture

  • Price per photo: CHF 90,-

  • Discount at 10+ photos: 10%

  • If you need the pictures for a publication, please let me know. Depending on the publication there can be a partial refund.

Photo + Cabinet tile

  • Multilayer stackshot picture as specified for Mineral photo

  • 10x10 cm high-end print behind acrylic glass laminated on aluminum composite tile

  • Includes post for cabinet display next to your original mineral specimen (see picture below)

  • Price per photo incl. tile: CHF 120,-

  • Discount at 10+ photos: 10%

Photo + Fine art print

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